Transformations & Testimonials

With over 200 locations worldwide, we are proud of our gym in Sudbury. World Gym Membership prices are competitive and affordable to meet the needs of our Members.

@jeanmarc_frappier's Transformation

I started a year ago I was 270 pounds and a size 40 pants. I am now a healthy 250 and a size 34 ! I received a ton of help from @markbroadfoot at @bosssudbury and I joined @worldgymsudbury.

I was new to working out and everyone at world was super helpful and very nice ! I didn’t feel out of place at all it’s a place where you instantly feel at home.

We couldn’t be more proud of you!!! Your hard work and determination shows every single time you walk through the doors! Congratulations!!

@shelbyswant's Transformation

I was always a bit overweight then when I had a baby in 2014, I found more excuses to not take care of myself. March 2018 I joined World Gym, determined to make it stick and not pay for another membership I wouldn't use.

I instantly felt welcomed and met amazing people. Within no time it became my second home and I had developed my gym fam. I've never looked back since March 2018.

I've achieved more than I could've ever imagined and the support from World Gym and the people I see everyday play such a huge part in my success and my constant need to progress.

Congratulations on your success from everyone at @wgsudbury!

@alex.ch07's Transformation

4 years ago I was depressed, had a bad knee and could barely make my way to a bus stop, so I decided to make a change.

At first I was only going 2 times a week but very quickly started 4-5 days a week. As I got stronger I started really enjoying lifting heavy and one day want to do a powerlifting competition.

This is the best change I could have ever made for myself. I went from 170 lbs to 130 lbs and still grinding!

So impressive AND inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing @alex.ch07!

@leah_in.wonderland23's Transformation

I was a big girl for the majority of my life. 270lbs to be exact. I was bullied all throughout my highschool years for looking the way I did. Life wasnt easy in any aspect and I was very depressed for a long time. I'm glad to say I'm still standing.

My story is a mouthful so I'll just say this; I realized one day I needed a change. It was like a switch went off inside my head when I was looking deeply at myself in the mirror. I decided to make a change, a change that I failed at over and over and over because making this sort of lifestyle change is not an easy thing to do. But I did not give up. I didnt need a fad diet or anything like that, I just needed to change my habits and to love myself enough to do this for me.

After getting down to about 190lbs, that's when I stepped into world gym and that's when I found my second home. I fell in love with strength training and then body building became a passion for me which soon turned into a sport for me when I stepped on stage as a figure girl and fell in love all over again.

Dont limit yourself. Ever. Everyone is capable of anything they set their minds to. Believe that, because I do.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us @leah_in.wonderland23. You are truly an incredible story of strength of dedication!


What They Said...



I've been here for 3 yrs now and I absolutely love the staff and other members.



Has all the ammenities to get a great workout in. Vip is impossible to beat. Staff is nice, members are all polite and nice. Convenient parking for the most part. May not have all the bells and whistles of other high end gyms but it gets the job done with no distractions.



Friendly staff. Good group of people work out here and respect the gym. The equipment is clean. And $6 dollar protein shakes available.



Great staff and great location for me to workout on my busy schedule.